This is my first post, or at least it should be

Published Feb 21st, 2014 by slunky

A big fat header How did you like that? If you didn't like it, maybe you should find a new home because this is my website, you guys.

Messy Python fun!

Published Feb 21st, 2014 by slunky

I've been playing around with a command line python script I wrote for generating short urls at is hosted on SDF Public Access UNIX System, obviously, so it only makes sense to have a command line utility to utilize it from the shell. This script is a work

Unlocking the HTC Desire 601

Published Mar 5th, 2014 by slunky

Introduction This document will guide you through the steps involved in unleashing your handset's full potential. Why gain root? A rooted phone allows you to modify crucial system files that are otherwise locked away. The most popular thing to do with a rooted phone is install a custom ROM package, and…